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Oracle ERP Implementation & ERP Upgrade Services

Increase productivity, lower costs and improve controls with Oracle ERP. Streamline your enterprise business processes. You can count on us.

Yet having potential business benefits in Oracle ERP, its implementation can be challenging and complex. The flexibility of Oracle’s ERP functionality can create unique challenges that need to be looked into and handled carefully during system design, implementation and integration. Femtogen Technologies helps its clients successfully plan, design and implement Oracle products.

Upgrading your Oracle ERP might be a formidable experience, demanding more time and a little costly, however, organizations have witnessed Oracle ERP Upgrades as robust, practical and profitable both in terms of the database management and ROI. Considering this as an integral component in the business process, we at Femtogen Technologies endeavor to make this as easy as possible and work with you every step of the way ensuring that your ERP's upgrade transition is as smooth as possible in lesser time and great savings.

Supply Chain Management Process

Choosing the right partner is important for any business. We at Femtogen Technologies fully understand the critical importance of Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management has proven its value to almost all the business throughout the world. The idea is achieving high volume with minimal inventory/resources. No business can survive if it has not employed an efficient and effective supply chain model in its process. This process indeed encompasses a huge network of suppliers and customers through both the internet and intranet. All are interconnected one each other whether it's suppliers outside the company or various departments within the organization. Our carefully designed SCM software are the best and useful tool to meet all such requirements with optimal solutions for our clients.